This has been a long time coming. My interest in music journalism as we know it has died. But I've been doing it for seven years, so it's a strange realization to come to terms with mentally. Letting go should be hard. I thought that nothing could ever make me stop writing about punk. Until I realized that the very thought was holding me back in so many ways. I don't know about you, but I hate when something has reached a natural end but is kept on life support because the people behind it wants to extend their ability to gain personal recognition. That's why I've decided to destroy LOD.

This was never about me. Not really, anyway. I cringed at every compliment, rolled my eyes at any mention of my popularity, and rebuked the thank-you's. This has always been about the subculture. I was lucky enough to have great mentors and OGs in my life from the very start of my involvement in punk. I knew that in order for this to have any meaning or make a real difference, it couldn't be about me. I never booked shows to be known as "the person who books shows", why would this be any different? I never spoke about things to get recognized as the person who said it. I spoke because I saw problems I felt needed to be addressed. If there's anything to remember here, it's the events/issues/artists, not me.

Seven years ago I was a fifteen year old kid who loved punk that had no one to talk to about it. I had talked the ears off everyone around me. That's all this ever was. I wanted somewhere to talk about my favorite music and I exploited a class assignment to do so. My very first zine, Nothing To Prove, was me giving myself a place to talk where no one could tell me to shut up. I'd been obsessed with other people's fanzines, how cool it was that you could make a whole magazine without someone telling you what you can and can't say. The way they helped the scene. It was a logical step in my young mind that only wanted to help hardcore consume every person it could to grow. I was just putting all the rhetoric this subculture taught me into action.

LOD is the natural continuation of that fifteen year old's desire. The last seven years have been an incredible experience. Today I have no interest in writing about "crushing riffs" or even debunking the latest bullshit sociopolitical trend that pervades this scene. It feels like I have said it all.

This is not a resignation.
This is not a social suicide note.
This is me announcing LOD's new direction.
You all gave me this pedestal and made me adjust to the atmosphere. I'm definitely not climbing down.

The website will now serve to function as an umbrella for all my endeavors. I'm going to expand the content coverage to focus more on the people of this subculture and the other subcultures that overlap it. That means more interactive, personalized content for all of you, less boredom for me, and more fun for all of us.

I will be doing an issue of LOD to make this change more final and to immortalize all the work that's been done here in one place. It will feature the best posts on the site, all the art I've made for LOD so far and new art just for the issue, articles from Nothing to Prove, interviews (both off the site and done just for the issue), my most inflammatory opinions, and notes about LOD from my friends.

Thank you all for the last seven years. I could not ask for a better audience. You all made this what it was and you'll make it what it is in the future. Knowing I could be candid and sarcastic with thousands of regular readers constantly enjoying that is a dream come true.

I want the new site to follow that issue, so I'll be working on that and probably closing the website until then. Unless you'd all like me to keep you posted intimately, then I'd do regular video updates here or something. Otherwise, just follow the Twitter to stay updated.

As always, thank you for your continued support. I love you. See you soon.