ACAB. 1312. Fuck the police. These are all archaic sentiments projected by any and every punk. Where did they come from though? Do any of the new punks understand why we all hate the government and the police that serve to guard it? Or do they just go with the flow, thinking it’s just an anti-authority statement made from a childish stand point?

Hardcore punk stands on entirely independent foundations. DIY was, is, and always will be the name of this game. It’s no surprise that we came to develop our own code of morality and law. We are a tribe of deviant outcasts at best but we aren’t savages. Presumably because we have watched the way the rest of the world works and we refuse to accept or repeat their shit.

In the real world, where people work in offices and shops, they are ruled by laws made up for them by a nearly faceless entity known as the U.S. Government. Essentially, normal people get bossed around by law books because the government assumes humanity too stupid and murderous to exist without the threat of prison.

Enter punk rock. We have long since railed against the prison-industrial complex, the police state, and the president. We have set out rules for ourselves to follow that aren’t morally ambiguous and leave no room for misinterpretation. There is no punk rock jail, no island prison we could ship you off to if you break any of these rules. As a matter of fact, the hallmark of justice in our community is that it is, more often that not, delivered swiftly and personally. In the street, where we actually exist.

We do not seek a middleman in our pursuit of justice. Another thing from the DO IT YOURSELF mentality. If someone wrongs you or breaks this short set of rules we have, you don’t run to the cops or your mom. Hell. Sometimes you can’t even run to your friends. Dealing with situations that most humans would call in a mediator or authority figure to settle terms in a one on one way is what we do. But why do we do it? Because it’s just what we were taught from the lyrics that speak to us through our record collections or because this subculture is truly one of a kind and is filled with people with the initiative to make their own choices and claim their own justice?

There’s something about being a punk, living off the beaten path in your head and heart that makes you realize that you don’t need people to handle things for you. The cops have helped how many people, ever? How many people have they murdered instead? When is the last time a president ever had views that truly respresented you and your interests? It is this shock and wake up call that punk provides that allows us to search inside ourselves for our own laws. The founding fathers had no great ideas because they couldn’t even make rape illegal.

Our wide eyed view of the world, a world where everyone minds their business and isn’t a motherfucker, is how we retain enough child-like innocence to maintain a set of laws that are about as official as a “No Losers Allowed” sign on a clubhouse door. It is the idea that a place exists where people will not prosper if they are rapists, homophobes, transphobes, racists, sexists, or otherwise bigoted that lends us the ability to keep ourselves and each other in line.

We have survived for four decades without outside influence or help from the suits who wants us to live by their rules. They wants us to have the same complacent attitudes towards evil that they do. We have managed not to crash and burn. We are living proof that anarchy in a government-less society is possible. We not only survive, we thrive. We have created such that if one chooses, they never have to abide by the strict laws of the land called Western civilization, because it is the self-chosen, self-abided laws of punk that keep us out of jail... most of the time.