It's the dead of winter. Your seasonal depression is beating your ass, college is running your pockets, and you probably have a cold. Life seems bleak... then the United Blood announcement drops.
Look at this beautiful thing. Madball. Death Threat. Race Traitor. Can you believe Count Me Out is on a flyer with Shark Attack in the year 2018? I can't, but leave it to Foster and Braces to make something like this happen.

It's nice to see Higher Power coming back to America and that Fire Burn is making their east coast debut at UB this year. I'm really excited for that set. Dead Heat is playing too, I caught them at FYA a couple weeks ago and let me tell you something about that band – they are truly incredible. Dead Heat is one of those special bands that comes along once in a blue moon. They're definitely going to steal the fest. That's my first prediction for the weekend.

My second prediction for the weekend? Cult behavior during Vein that results in someone else losing their teeth. Didn't a kid bite his lip off during one of their sets recently? Their music makes people do insidious things to friend and foe alike. One of the newer bands that creates that old school feeling of straight up fear in a venue that I know so many of us missed.

Prediction three: Someone (I won't name any names) is gonna get kicked out of the Buffalo Wild Wings up the street for fighting inside... again.

Prediction four: Helen's sees more money this weekend than they will all April.

Prediction five: Omni after-party.

Prediction six: Florida VS Everybody boxing match breaks out during Day By Day's set.

I wonder what the preshow and aftershows look like. Judging by last year, I'd have to guess somewhere between "this is irresponsible of them" and "I'm glad I have health insurance."

How much money will be spent on candy camo pants leading up to this fest? How many nasty people will tweet about eating Cookout like they serve anything edible that isn't ice cream? Will the Sheetz/Wawa beef come to a physical head this year? How many kids will get finessed during dice games? Will I go into a coma during Madball because I ate too many hot wings?

The answers to these questions await you at the fest. Tickets go on sale on the 31st. In the meantime, tweet your predictions with the tag #UB18Predictions and let us all gaze into your crystal ball.