An interview with guitarist Anthony Quiroz, Arizona rocker and dad of the year.

How did you find punk music and what made it stick as something important in your life?
I found punk when I was about 12, an older friend of mine that I had gone to school with was a punk. Like, full on psycho mohawk shit. He showed me like Bad Brains and a bunch of other shit. Also my dad was really into metal and shit so I had already had an interest in guitar music but once I heard the Bad Brains it was over.

How has hardcore influenced your approach and take on "normal" every day life?
I mean it's kinda given me more attitude. I don’t take as much shit as the normal spineless human would I guess.

Name your biggest non-musical influences on who you are as a person.
That's kind of hard because I feel like up until I was about 23 i always had someone I was looking up to like “I want to be like THAT guy” but when we started recording our LP Jaded Love, I was trying to make this sound like this record and this sound like that record and then it wasn’t coming together how I wanted it to and it just clicked that we aren’t those bands and we shouldn’t try to emulate those records and those sounds because we are our own band. That kind of also transferred into my life. I stopped being inspired by other people and became more focused on myself and becoming my own person and since then I feel like I’ve accomplished that in my own eyes. The only eyes that matter.

How do you feel about the internet's effects on the subculture?
The internet is the best and worst thing to happen to the subculture. It made the subculture easily accessible and has given us (bands, promoters, blogs, people in general) a bigger platform to get the word out about us and our subculture but also has brought in people who’s intentions aren’t always genuine but it never bothers me too much because they always expose themselves so I never pay too much attention to the nonsense that the internet brings to the subculture.

What are your favorite aspects of Arizona, hardcore or otherwise?
What I like about this state is that it's huge but it's very small. We all might not like each other but we all know each other. Arizona has a lot of great scenery and the food and bars are cool. Drinks are cheap. We have a lot of great bands doing their own thing and that makes me really happy. People used to beef us here in Phoenix because we stuck so close to ourselves but honestly we were just doing our own thing and planting our own seeds and paving our own way and people resented us for not reaching out and helping other bands and people but honestly we were in no place to do that because we were still figuring our own thing out but now it's great, tons of bands doing their own thing and making their own waves and I love to see it. I might not be the most vocal about it but it makes me proud.

Easy Money
Body of Light
Get A Grip
The almighty Gatecreeper

The list goes on but it's really cool.

What can you tell me about the new TBO record?
Beautiful Ones never wanted to become a band where we felt like we were ‘beating a dead horse’ so once we felt people had enough of us we kind of stepped back and left the band alone. For some reason.. kids started caring about us again and asking us for shows and new music so we kind of just got together and let it happen naturally. These songs are something that came together quickly, we took maybe 4 days to write these songs and they are some of my favorite songs we’ve ever written. I’m not gonna give too much insight because the songs speak for themselves.

Will there be a continuation of the emotional style that you guys are famous for on this new release? More Prince references?
Hahahaha. We are all pretty emotionally revered humans and by that I mean we don’t share too much of what we are going through with other people. We hardly share with each other haha. This is our only way to express ourselves and I feel like that emotional tension just kind of comes out naturally in our music. As far as the Prince thing, he is our god and if there isn’t an obvious reference in the music, it's there in attitude. I wish more people paid attention to that kind of thing because if they understood Prince at all I feel like our band would make more sense to them because I feel like a lot of people don’t understand us and are confused by us which is fine with me.

What have you been doing since TBO's been on hiatus?
I've just been working more. All of us kind of became more invested into our jobs once we slowed down and it's been nice to have the stability. Mentally and financially. I’ve also started a new band with one of my best friends called Divine Hammer.

Who are your favorite bands right now?
I really liked the Red Death LP that came out this year. I'm also really into CANDY. I’m also super into Body of Light. They had an LP come out last year and I’ve been enjoying it since it came out. They are from Arizona.

What or who inspired you to start playing guitar?
Honestly a friend just left a guitar at my house and I just started messing around on it. I had been playing bass already so I had the life in my fingers. I started playing bass because I just wanted to be in a band and bass seemed easy 

Describe a TBO set in one word.

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