My fellow hardcore denizens... I am pleased to come to you to discuss the current status of the scene as we know it.

In the past few years the scene has been through a lot. That's an understatement. Venues have been shut down, promoters have retired, a lot of influential bands calling it quits, and the loss of a lot of good musicians were affecting the community all at once.

Not to mention that wave of borderline fascist PC culture that had people walking on eggshells. However, we weathered the storm, as usual. We even came out better for it. In the face of such adversity, the spirit of punk survived. Not just survived, no, it thrived.

So, here we are today. Almost at the end of 2017. The scene is the best it's ever been. The amount of active bands is crazy alone but when you look at the fact that the majority of them are making music that's worth a damn it becomes something to write home about. Just the demos that have come out this year have been unreal, the full lengths have been on another level.

There's a rise in independently run spaces, labels, and zines. The resurgence of creative energy and passion is so nice to see. There's defunct fests that have returned and new ones that are actually worthy of the title of "festival" popping up.

Anyone who says "hardcore sucks" it's because they suck. They're boring, probably friendless, clueless, and just downright stupid. It's a great time to be a punk.

This brings me to my next point.

I know the state of this website has been questionable at best this year. A lot has been going on behind the scenes with trying to get other things in my life in order. I announced a hiatus from the blog last month to work on a book. However, a few days ago I got an offer from a friend concerning his band that I couldn't refuse and it made me realize that there's no shortage of things I want to cover with LOD. So expect semi-regular posts again. I know you missed your favorite asshole kicking you the real deal.

Rarely said but always implied, thank you to everyone who makes this publication possible. The artists, the bands, the readers. From the bottom of my itty bitty heart, thank you.