As I'm sure you've noticed, people like to sleep on the Midwest. When they aren't sleeping on it, they love to slander it and pretend it isn't worth a damn. This offends me for several reasons. The first being that the Midwest is a very special place. They make hardcore happen in a place that most bands never want to venture to on tour. It's all entirely DIY and their work ethic is unparalleled. The things we take for granted on the east and west coasts they have to work for all the time.
The second is that the energy of the scene is so much different. I've never been to any other place where the egos of people around me weren't palpable. The Midwest has no ego, no grand designs on taking over the world. They just want to make great music. Which explains why the caliber of bands they produce is also on another level entirely, which brings me to Constraint.

Constraint is a band from Louisville, Kentucky. They put out a demo in May that  has six tracks of fast-paced hardcore on it. Lyrically, it's nothing short of genius. On "Protest Vote" singer Tyler Short states his exact feelings towards that tangerine in the White House.
With "False Flag" he muses on the state of hardcore and how it is now a trend to be "weird" with lyrics like It's gotten way too common for everyone to be uncommon/When every single person feels the need to be different differences tend to lose their intent/when you fly a false flag just to appear to be woke you turn everything it represents into a fucking joke. A powerful sentiment in a time where it seems you can't meet anyone who doesn't claim to fly to a freak flag.
That being said, I think "HXT" is my personal favorite because of these lines right here: this is not for mass appeal/it's for a demographic of youth who can't seem to deal/so if you think some stupid subtweet makes any real difference/then I'm fucking sorry charlie you are here for the wrong reasons.  It touches on subculture tourism, because while hardcore is accepting of everyone, it is not for everyone.

Constraint has their sights set on what plagues our scene, better hope it's not you that's down range.

You can listen to the Constraint demo on their bandcamp