(Photo by Gabe Becerra)
Hailing from the birth place of the King of Pop is No Victory. Otherwise known as Twitter's flavor of the week. All I've seen lately is tweets about how No Victory is music for people who steal from Goodwill and can't read. I won't lie, I'm guilty of making the joke myself. All jokes aside though, No Victory is music for people who can appreciate violence as a force of nature. I saw them at this year's Midwest Blood Fest and was nothing short of impressed. You know that feeling everyone talks about, of being uneasy, nervous, and paranoid about what could happen at a hardcore show? How that is what makes a band, making music that's able to turn people into feral animals who act on instinct alone? Well, in that one set No Victory reignited that feeling for me in a way I haven't felt in years and proved they know a thing or two about making people act out.

They have three releases, two demos and Time To Die, which is nine tracks of unrelenting hardcore designed without peace in mind. If you love hardcore that is so heavy it might as well be encased in lead, No Victory is the band for you.

You can listen to No Victory on Bandcamp and follow them on Twitter.