So, I moved back to Daytona Beach this month. Last time I lived here I didn't have a car and it was the worst five months of my life. This time I have a car and I'm having an even worse time somehow.
Boredom eats the brain like acid. Boredom is going to be what kills me, I know it. This huge emptiness nothing can fill that is my boredom is going to get me to jump off a building to have fun. Being bored means I have time to think, and that is dangerous.

I've been thinking a lot about my relationships to people. Well, the ones that matter past convenience or some kind of symbiosis.

I learned that you have to learn to let go of people when things seem to be falling apart. If there's anything worth saving you'll be able to save it but if there isn't... Doesn't it feel good to cut your losses and run? Moving on from dead weight in your life is like shaving your head. Suddenly you have a newfound view of who you are, more time for yourself and your hobbies, and it feels so good.

I'm not saying to just cut and run whenever distance arises, obviously check on your friends if they're being distant and what not. I'm saying that if you're holding on to the frayed threads of a friendship and not swaddled in the blanket it once was, just throw it out.