You woke up today to learn that Donald Trump is now the President Elect. You felt devastated, betrayed, and scared. You rushed to Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone how scared you are because of the way the climate of social attitudes in America is going shift.

I'm here to tell you that you should not fear Trump's America, because it's the America every oppressed person has been living in since they were born. In fact, it's shameful it took you a blatant, slap-in-the-face version of it to see it. The air of America smells of blood and burnt hair, screams echo in empty canyons in the southwest, and lost souls wander the dusty roads of middle America. It's always been glaringly apparent that America does not care about the marginalized and the poor. At the age of seven  my parents sat me down and told me that because I am both Black and a woman that my life would be in danger and I'd be looked at as worthless for the rest of my life. A chilling amount of reality to give a child, but by the time I was ten I was no longer seen as a child in the eyes of this America.

People keep saying they fear the "influence" Trump has brought upon America. He hasn't brought an influence, he is a product of one. Donald Trump is not your enemy. He is a talking head that embodies the worst parts of humanity. He is built on the foundation of empty promises just like every politician before him. He's just delivering the exact same garbage in a different package. He's just another purveyor, swindling the uneducated, backed by a corrupt system. The people who voted for Trump aren't your enemy either. They are your poor, unhealthy, and borderline illiterate chasing an illusion of grandeur promised to them by a demagogue who knew he could receive a win by playing into the fears they've been fed by the government to keep them angry at everything but a government that will only continue to view them as cogs in a capitalist machine. They are also the rich who seek safety in anonymity and covet money over human rights. Again, this is not unique to Trump - this is classic politics. 

Several presidents before Trump have been endorsed by the KKK, twelve presidents were slave owners, and several were rapists. Trump is not the beginning of anything, nor is he the end. He is the natural result of attitudes and ideas put in motion centuries before he was alive that complacency, silence, and outright ignorance have allowed to prosper.

The real, and potentially most dangerous enemy, is ourselves. If we let them fill us with fear, if we let them control our thoughts, and if we let them divide us even further than they have already done that will be a truly glorious victory for them. We out number the system drastically, but just like many wars have been won in the past, they have divided us and made us hate and battle each other rather than the epicenter of the problem itself. Because a people divided are a people that are easily conquered. The way to get past this is not by hating Trump, that would just be severing one head of the Hydra. We need to come together against the idea of Trump and the system that he represents.

Extend yourself into your community. Educate yourself on social issues. Vote at every single level if you have the ability to do so. Don't allow them to make you think your voice doesn't matter in any capacity. Don't just ignore your bigoted family members, educate them. Become the activist you retweet about.