I'm the Tyler Durden of Punk Rock and You Are Not Special.
You think you are, and somewhere down the line your parents may have convinced you that you are a snowflake: precious and incapable of being copied.
You think you should get what you want, when you want, and how you want, just because you're alive.
Well, I have some news for all of you from the participation trophy generation: you aren't special.

In the last few years, I've noticed there's been a new attitude taking over the subculture. Kids who aren't anything in real life but mediocre get into hardcore with this idea in their heads that the whole world revolves around them and should bend to their will. It's one thing to fight to have things on your terms but these kids just show up, hands out, minds empty, mouths loud, expecting to be shown respect and adoration because their whole lives they were fed these fallacies about being unique. They are trying to change how hardcore works on a micro level because for the first time in their lives they found themselves being told "this isn't for you."

Everyone in hardcore has their story.
Yours is just another long tale full of "woe is me" because you got made fun of for being different and now you want the whole world to suck you off because you think deserve it.
You're here at all for the same reason we all are: you hurt inside and think the world is out to get you. 

That, however, is where the difference truly lies. You only think the world is out to get you. For some of us, it actually is. The current climate of the subculture is one of fear. Where did this come from? Privileged kids who romanticize sketchy culture. They sit around jacking off to the idea of struggling to survive yet have no real problems and therefore don't know how to deal with any sort of issue. To them, the smallest slight is cause for alarm and state of emergency. This has people of all kinds worried about the future of the scene. With people trying to remodel hardcore to be more like their gated communities, will it be hardcore after they've all dropped out in the next year? Will there be anything left? We aren't scared of them, just of what they have created. A subculture built on accessibility, honesty, confrontation, and direct action is now being mangled into something unrecognizable by people who have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into this for years. It's like watching someone torture a friend. We have to sit back and watch as they slowly pull the teeth out of hardcore's head.

I thought that writing this would give me some answers.
I was hoping a deeper analysis during drafting would help me see that maybe, this could have a positive outcome. However, I've reached the end of this piece and all I am is scared that a place I feel safe and can go to when reality is caving in on my head is going to outcast me for being "too abrasive" because a bunch of weaklings found their way here and mommy isn't around to make sure they make it on the team.