Hive mind: (noun) - a notional entity consisting of a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another, regarded as producing either uncritical conformity or collective intelligence.

In hardcore's case, it is uncritical conformity that comes from all the talking we do. Growing up, I had several OGs show me the ropes of hardcore but they always encouraged me to think for myself and to question everything because hearsay is nothing to truly internalize.  There has always been and always will be the people who are sheep in the subculture: they do not possess the respect to ask questions without getting shut down for looking like a snitch and being told to mind their own business. This is a double-edged sword. On one hand, yes, they should mind their business and if something is so important to warrant someone making a statement then it'll happen. On the other hand, that destroys the climate of free-thought. It says we should wait for the word from other people instead of going to the source of curiosity and respectfully asking them to placate us with the truth. 

These days, the hive mind is a backfiring gun. Once people give an idea traction, there is no stopping it, even with the truth. People take things out of context and stretch the truth out of ego, all because they want to be the new center of whatever controversy is boiling over that week. The hive mind allows them to prosper because it wipes away the idea that you can ask questions at the source. Rumors circulate like wildfire. Once something is posted on any major social network it's seen as the truth. Apparently I missed the memo that people can't lie on the internet. Twitter punks take stories they eavesdropped on and spread them online, other Twitter punks who have completely lost their ability to think critically simply retweet these things because that's a lot easier than having an inflamed sense of rejection when the people you're making things up about tell you to shut up and mind your business. 

There is nothing wrong with being skeptical and curious of the people who make up your scene. What is wrong is listening to people talk about others and accepting that as fact, doubly so when you've never interacted with that person. You are a punk kid. You're supposed to be so paranoid that you read the label on everything you put in your body but you don't have the sense to ask someone if there's any truth to a rumor you keep hearing? That's laughable. Well, more laughable than the fact that some of you can't seem to accept or get over the idea that the majority of people who make up this scene are sketchy, no good humans. We exist on the fringes of society for a reason. 

Those of you who exist on the fringes of our scene because you are a suburban transplant and a weakling should hold off on being a loud mouth with no original thoughts until you've done a couple years here. You can easily watch and learn more than you ever could by regurgitating what other people tell you is okay to say, think, or feel. At the risk of sounding cliche or trite, letting other people tell you what to do is not punk whatsoever. If you want to be anything, be it "PC" or the biggest asshole walking, be it because you looked into it for yourself and you understand it. Intellectual dishonesty is pathetic and it makes for an awkward situation when you can't explain what you stand for, let alone why you stand for it, without quoting someone else.