Long Island's finest mosher and frontman of Regulate.
(Photo by Sarah Dunn - Sarah Shoots People)

How did you find punk music and what made it stick as something important in your life?

My dad got me into metal shit like Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica and all that at a young age.  I eventually started gettin into shit on my own.  Watched a Gorilla Biscuits Video when I was 12 cause I thought Gorilla Biscuits was such a stupid name...changed the course of my life.

What was growing up on Long Island like?

I lived in Brooklyn till I was 10 and then moved to Long Island so I've spent about half my life in both spots.  LI is cool...quiet and pretty boring.  Good place for a bored kid to do stupid shit with his friends.

How has hardcore influenced your approach and take on "normal" every day life?

Hardcore is normal life.  I see the world completely different than some dude on the street.  At the risk of sounding like a corny dumbass, Hardcore is just how I live.

Who are your non-musical influences? Is there anyone you look up to?

My parents and my Abuelos.  My mom, my grandparents and I came to America from Colombia without nothin' and they did everything they could for us to live well.  My step dad (who I refer to as my real dad) was dirt poor for most of his life and now he's a business owner.  I truly would be nothing without those 4 people.

What made you start a band?

Wanted to participate more in the scene.

You were really young when you started going to shows, and while it's rare to see that same aged youth at shows these days, what advice do you have those who are around?

People who you think are cool are gonna drop out and become fucking losers and talk shit on their old friends and Hardcore... That should fuel you to love this shit even more. I'm still young and I'm still seeing that shit happen now... Motherfuckers I wanted to be accepted by just turning into some fuckin' Brooklyn hipster cocksucker.

How do you feel about the internet's effect on the subculture?

The internet gives us all a place to say what we want and that's cool... First Amendment and shit but if you can't say that same shit in person then you're a fuckin' retard.  You're accountable for what you say on that shit... I hate when niggas think shit like that goes unnoticed.  Contrary to what Moshpapi420 or Kingninesweatpants69 might believe, there are some real motherfuckers out here that will slap you around for actin like an idiot on Twitter.

Who are your favorite bands right now?

King Nine, CI, Dope Fiend, Counterattack, Turnstile, Krust, Blind Justice, Gods Hate, Faze, Countdown and Slow Fire Pistol.

Mosh or dive?

Tough question... Depends on the band. Imma say mosh tho.

Describe a Regulate set in one word.

New York.

Any final remarks?

There seems to be some sort of divide in Hardcore right now... I don't know if it's totally based on the style of HC people prefer to listen to or where people are from but to me it seems to be a divide between real and fake. I'm glad I'm on the real side.

Shout out Long Island, NYC, Shore Style, WB, Richmond, VB, Atlanta, Florida, California.
Go Islanders. Don't break edge. 

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