If you're like me, then you listen to records and think, "what the hell made this person feel this way?" In Criminal Instinct's case, it's multiple and varying instances of people pissing them off. I asked Josiah how long he's been angry and his reply was one short "forever." Needless to say, he's damn near perfected the art of articulating what upsets him. From the 2012 Demo, to Fever, and now Zone 6 Music, he's told us exactly what is causing him to grind his teeth. Of all the LPs set to debut this year, I would argue that this is one of the angriest. So in the spirit of curiosity, I asked him to tell me what made this record possible and give me the meaning behind these insane tracks.

This song is about someone I knew who got killed - and the world is a far better place for it. He was the kind of guy who thought he was a real "thug" because he would sell a bag of weed or two, would abuse any girl he was ever with, and ended up raping and killing his own aunt. Now, when I read the next few days things like "RIP Max Zayn" or "He was a great dude deep down" it literally made me sick. Death can be sad, we all know that. But death is also a part of life and can be a very positive thing when it takes away a piece of garbage that should have been removed from the gene pool at birth.

Max Zayn. Rest in piss.

Force Me
It's always weird explaining a song like this to someone. Essentially, my irrational life and the decisions that come with it leave me with no shortage of low points. During those kinds of times, the idea of peacing out can be pretty tempting and I'm left feeling like I'm kind of forcing myself through life, like I'm fighting what the universe really wants. But then I snap back and get to work - because being a bitch all the time can be a huge strain on yourself and the people you love.

Nothing At All
If you really know me, this song doesn't need much explanation. I'm straight edge, but my approach to the things I like in life is that of a text book addict. The only positive thing to say about it is that I try my hardest to make sure my problems don't affect others. Other than that, I'm the poster child for self-destruction. That basically sums this one up.

No Privilege
Being white has never really  came with an extra set of benefits for me in my life. I went to a school that was mostly Hispanic or hillbilly. Because I was neither, I never fit in there. I grew up going to shows in Atlanta and moved there in my early teens. In Atlanta, racial tension is at a constant 10, and white is the racial minority in the areas I lived in/hung out in. And then when I went to college, I didn't quality for a ton of scholarships that would have really helped me because I was white. It's not a sob story, and I'm not saying that I went through hell on earth. But it's enough to get me annoyed when some fucking dork rolls around saying "you don't realize how privileged you are." Privilege is based on your area, your surroundings and most of all, how much money you have. Money buys privilege, and that transcends races. I mean Magic Johnson beat AIDS in a time when it was viewed as impossible, was that "Black privilege"? No, it was being rich.
I guess my main issue is that the "privilege" flag wavers for the most part don't ACTUALLY care about the social progression of people. They just like to check their "good deed of the day" box by trying to make people hate themselves or be constantly apologizing for the color of their skin. We'll never evolve as a people or as a society while we keep tacking "White" or "Black" before whatever adjective we are using to describe a kind of person. Essentially, people need to think beyond some fuckin' barista's blog-post about why you should hate yourself.

That's My Desire 
I'm not a tough guy and I don't waste my life searching for reasons to fight. However, people tend to view themselves as these supreme higher life forms that are above learning how animals do. It's gotten worse over time which is why you'll see people dis-respecting each other more blatantly than ever, then hiding behind "non-violence" when it's time to answer the call. Long story short, this song is about putting a dog's face in its piss - in human form.

So we all used to know a crazy son-of-a-bitch named Chris. In a sense, it's our own fault for not seeing the signs of him turning into a total piece of trash sooner. He used to be a pretty loyal dog, but over time, evolved into more of a mangy one that would start fires others would have to put out for him. He then started stealing from people who cared for him, got hooked on heroin and eventually had to high-tail to another state to avoid running into people who would like to have words with him so to speak. He'll most likely spend the rest of his life this way until he dies or someone kills him.  

You aren't "fearless" until you've felt fear. It's all about how you handle that feeling when it comes. For years, people have evolved from overcoming adversity. But in recent times, people do everything in their power to avoid any kind of struggle or anything that would make them feel fear vs. moving forward and rising above whatever comes. Essentially, fear can be a very positive thing in terms of growing as a strong person. It's just whether you choose to run from it or use it as fuel. 

Helping Hand
Mental illnesses are an all too real problem. I've seen my own friends and families ripped up because of them. However, in modern times people are constantly looking for any kind of crutch in an attempt to deny the fact that they might just be a mentally weak person vs. a mentally ill person. Not to mention that the pharmaceutical industry is pure evil and tons of psychiatrists stand to profit from prescribing more and more people to pills for problems that - in some instances - their patients don't even have. Just think about how may times you've heard some shitty rich dork living off mommy and daddy's dime bitch about how depressed they are. I'm not saying it can't happen, but sometimes people like that just have problems copping with reality outside of their weekly allowance and get scared/sad - which isn't depression, that's weakness.

Won't You Spare Me Over To Another Year 
This song is about my grandma. She's a "bad person" in the traditional sense, but I love her and we are very similar in more ways than one. She's dying more every day, and I feel like my death experience would be very similar to hers. Kind of weird to say I know, but it's just how I feel.

Big Rock Candy Mountain is an old country song that's basically about one man's fantasy land. This song is my version.