Over the course of the past three years our scene has had a giant resurgence of metalcore. Was it all good? Of course not. Most of it was trite, to say the least. Bands playing at an idea because it was gaining ground again, not because that's what they liked. Personally, I was fine listening to bands that formed before I was born and leaving it at that, but I'm a curious person so I kept checking out bands out and kept being generally unimpressed.
That is, until Tourniquet

With members who live and breathe their love for metalcore, it's not surprising that this band redeemed their genre. Tourniquet isn't an experiment, it's a lesson in the genre. The guitar and bass work by Fink and ZTP is a measured chaos, sonic water torture. Every note pushing you further and further into understanding insanity. Breza's drums serve as the barrel of the gun that this band is, giving a clear shape to the band's instrumental sound which can only be described as "destructive." How could I describe Little Chris's voice? It's impossible to compare him to anyone else, especially seeing as how he has one of the strongest vocal ranges among the new breed of metalcore bands.
 As a whole, this band is a force to be reckoned with, simply put. It isn't often that a band gets booked on multiple shows without first releasing a demo and even more rare that they back up that amount of hype at their first show. 

Anatomy of Obsession is only the beginning of what Tourniquet plans to unleash on the scene and I can't wait to see what else they have in store in 2016. 
For a four track EP to be as strong as theirs is, I can only imagine the power in their next release.

You can listen to Anatomy of Obsession of Bandcamp and follow Tourniquet on Twitter.