I know "summer punk" isn't a real genre but if it was, Krust would be in it. They released No Stress in 2014 and I thought they were done forever since it'd gone quiet for them but nope, I was wrong. They came out of left field with Paradise In Brick, just in time to be one of the records I'll be playing all summer. I mean, there's a fucking ska song on this joint, it's got everything. With fun riffs and great lyrics, Krust is what I would imagine Murphy's Law would sound like if they became a band in this day and age. If you listen to this and don't enjoy it then you don't like having fun and probably suck ass at parties. My favorite track from Paradise In Brick is "I Want Sex" with "Not Guilty" being a very, very close second. 
If you're looking for music to skate to, smoke to, bang to, whatever... you've found it in Krust.