I don't know if you guys have read up on North Carolina's history with the paranormal but fucked up, inexplicable things happen in this state at an almost constant rate. There's cults, cannibals, the Devil's tramping ground... need I say more? With such a dark cloud hanging over this place it only makes sense that evil music also comes out of this state. 
This is where Invoke from Wilmington comes in, they're here to take that sense of dread to the next level. 
They released their demo in October of 2015 and this month streamed a new song called "Surrender the Throne", both of which blend all the elements of good metal and good hardcore to create a band that's more than worth listening to in your free time.  
Oh, and apparently they'll be appearing at FYA IV, if this wasn't enough proof that they're a band you should be watching.

Listen to Invoke on Bandcamp and follow them on Twitter.