Refocus is a band from North Carolina whose sound inflames a sense of nostalgia in me. On their debut EP My Choice, My Fight they serve up five tracks of classic hardcore that serve as a strong reminder your band doesn't have rip off Pantera or Disembodied to be good these days. They play straight forward straight edge hardcore. Think Down To Nothing, think Break Away. Honestly, none of the records I've heard this year have been this simple in their approach to the genre and I appreciate that quality in a band immensely. 

The release opens with the title track, essentially a three minute introduction to what this band is all about. This song begins with a melodic intro, something I haven't heard in... God knows how long. It's beautifully executed and rolls right into a swell of drums and guitar which create the entire foundation that this EP stand on. From start to finish it's full of great guitar, bass, and drum work without ever trying to be something it isn't. 

Then "Fratricide" follows, an anthem about how being a rich kid with a stuck up attitude will leave you friendless in the end. From beginning to end this song is full of intense stomp parts which roll into an upbeat two step and it finishes strong with a solid breakdown. 

"Test of Time" is my personal favorite track on this release. It's everything that a straight edge anthem should be both sonically and lyrically. 
Don't try to change my mind, cause the choice has been made
I'll be straight edge til I die, knowing I stayed sane 
Even as an ex-edgeman those words ring to something in me. Indicative of a promise made that won't ever be broken, the entire purpose of the straight edge summed up in song. 

"Seniority" is the "short, fast, loud" track every good band needs on a release for it to be solid. Not to mention its lyrics feature a challenge to status quo and that's always appreciated here at LOD.

Finally, "Parasite" closes the record as the peak of the crescendo, the end result of the build created in the first track and it is done so wonderfully. 

Listen to My Choice, My Fight on Bandcamp and follow Refocus on Twitter.