Your new favorite hardcore band.

LIBERTY is a band from NY, and they do NYHC right. 

I don't know if it's because it's 80 degrees outside already or if I'm just a bad person,
 but this demo makes me want to break glass, fight anyone who treads on my rights, and stay out late. 

Wanna-be 90's metalcore had the scene in a figure four leg lock but Liberty came through to set us free. 
They're refreshingly nostalgic. 
When I hear Liberty I get Outburst, Up Front, and Murphy's Law vibes.

Their songs would be badass even without Koopz singing like a madman about real issues.
The instrumentals are cool, the lyrics are cool, it's not some overproduced "listens to Merauder once" nightmare, what else could you ask for?

You can download the Liberty demo here.