Malicious Wounding is from Atlanta, Georgia.
Unlike their scene mates Criminal Instinct and Foundation, Malicious Wounding has a more classic sound.
It's easily recognizable, straight ahead hardcore.
They released 1323 in November of 2015.

Upfront this album is strong instrumentally.
The bass lines written throughout this album are great, you guys know I'm a stickler for bands with good bass.
The guitars are definitely influenced in some aspects by 90s metalcore.
The drums are written as a compliment to all of these aspects and it works out well.

Now, the vocals.
You would think that with such instruments their singer's voice would be just as strong or unique.
Unfortunately that left a little to be desired in the aspect of passion, his style is pretty monotone but it's also SO MONOTONE that I'm into it.
He's essentially speaking matter-of-factually over beatdown instrumentals and I'm liking that juxtaposition.

The first track, "1323", is short and sweet. It sets the stage for the entire release.
Lyrically, it's your typical "fuck you" opener, right to the point about what happens to people who can't stop talking shit.
A statement entrance, something any new band should have on a first release.

"1323" slides headfirst into "Heartbreaker" whose subject matter should be obvious.
While I'm not a fan of hardcore songs about how your ex hurt you, I think this one is very well executed both sonically and lyrically so anyone who does need to relate to that will be able to find it here.

"On Top" follows "Heartbreaker" and it's about people who live on a high horse.
I love the point of view they use for all their songs but this one especially.
Also they use my favorite phrase "get the fuck off the block" as a lyric.

If I could be anyone, I definitely wouldn't want to be whoever "Weak Minded" is about.
"Who was there when you needed help
What did you do when you had no one else
You forgot what true friends really are
You only need us when your backs against the wall"
Talk about a call out, a whole song about being a fake and a coward.
This track is my favorite on this release simply because the singer finally puts some passion behind his voice. He clearly has extreme emotional ties to the subject matter in this song and it comes across well.

To end this EP is "What's It Worth", which is hands down the strongest track on the entire EP.

All in all, if you're in the mood for a classic hardcore album then 1323 is what you should seek out.

I give this two dice out of three.

Listen to 1323 on Bandcamp.