Hailing from Columbus, Ohio is Bonehead.
The four piece released Love Is Pain in February of this year and it's definitely going to end up on my end of year AOTY list.

At first listen this is already standing out to me as a great crossover album.
So far in 2016 this is one of the coolest albums I've heard both lyrically and instrumentally. 

It opens up with "Bonehead", which is two and half minutes of great riffs, stompy drum parts, and fat bass lines. 
The first 43 seconds of this song alone features some of the more unique guitar work I've heard in months.
The tone of their singer's voice and his singing style reminds me a lot of Walter Delgado from Rotting Out. 
This track ends with a really cool breakdown into a fun two step. 
Lyrically, "Bonehead" is the band's way of letting their listeners dip their toes into the water.
The songs that follow gradually increase in both passion and sensitivity of subject matter.
You can tell a lot of thought went into this release. 

Next we have "Sunrise", a heartbreak anthem catered just for our specific generation.
The climate of love right now is very inhospitable and the lyrics reflect the feelings it generates trying to be a lover in these times.
"Love is obsolete
Love leaves you incomplete
Love is pain"
 It's rare for me to even entertain heartbreak hardcore songs but this one is written from a very refreshing perspective and the song itself just sounds so badass I couldn't help but listen to this a few times during my initial play through. 

After that "Xanax" barrels through to get us out of our feelings.
This song is about someone who's using substances to self medicate and won't take the advice of those who love them.
As someone who has been in this situation multiple times I think may be my favorite track on this release.
Unlike most "addict" songs, this one doesn't condemn the person to fucking trial by fire.
This song is also packed full of cool ass riffs so I'm fan for multiple reasons.

The release closes with "Fear" and "Serpent", or what you will soon know as "the hardest five minutes of my life."
Bonehead's overall sound is stompy, metalcore-influenced hardcore and while the previous songs have been great too, they execute their style perfectly on these last two tracks. 
Everything comes together perfectly to give this record a banger of an ending.

I give this release three dice out of three. 

You can listen to Bonehead's Love Is Pain on Bandcamp.