Baltimore has done it again. 
A breeding ground for excessively heavy, ignorant, "beat the shit out of everyone you hold dear" music, it's no surprise that Queensway hails from this city. 

I'm going to do what I'm known to do and go out on a limb here and say that 2016 is essentially the year of beatdown revival. We've seen youth crew revival (too many fucking times) and I guess everyone finally understands that the principle of unity is bullshit. 

Queensway is one of many bands heading up this call back to a simpler, more violent time. 
They just released this promo demo (like literally JUST released) on February 8th and it's been an open tab in my browser ever since. 

A lot of people get cheesy with the metaphors and similes when discussing hardcore - "so heavy it was like shoving a knife into the tip of my cock repeatedly" - desperately trying to describe the extremity of the sounds they're currently hearing. 

Queensway doesn't need all that bullshit. 
This band is heavy, instrumentally-sound unlike so many bands who attempt this style of hardcore, and the vocals are what I imagine Jason Voorhees would sound like if he was into Billy Club Sandwich instead of murdering teenagers by a lake with a machete.
My favorite track off this is definitely "Incinerate" for so many reasons but I ain't gotta explain myself to you, just listen to this demo and see for yourself. 

You can keep up with these Maryland lunatics via Twitter and listen to this demo on Bandcamp.