Lost Souls are doing what people from Richmond, Virginia in bands tend to do: make some of the coolest music I have ever heard. 
They’re a newer band, their only release is a four track demo you can listen to on their Bandcamp
I heard (emphasis on HEARD, don't quote me) they’re currently recording a record though so look out for that in 2016.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of the whole “track-by-track breakdown” journalism thing. 
I feel it’s overdone and nobody has ever written a cool one except for @THEKIDMERO when he did stuff for Noisey. 
So I won’t do one for the Lost Souls demo.

What I will do though, is talk about how Lost Souls is one in a group of bands that are currently doing big things in the core. 
I think there’s something conducive in Richmond’s hardcore scene that just makes all of the music coming out of there sound awesome.

I mean being home to one of the coolest fests along with iconic bands like Naysayer, Down To Nothing, and Bracewar definitely makes the area a hotbed of hardcore. 
If you’ve been to United Blood then you’ve had a taste of what being a RVA hardcore kid is like. 
I think it’s safe to say that the most fun I’ve ever had at a show has been in Richmond.

Lost Souls is definitely a “Richmond” band. 
You can hear it in their singer’s voice/overall attitude both recorded and live. 
You can hear it in the bite of their guitars, the loaded bass lines, and how the drum parts are diverse while maintaining the calling card of their maker.

I’m excited to watch this band do more things in 2016 because I know they’ve only scratched the surface of their potential.