Hardcore is not dangerous compared to everything else.
Speaking as a Black, queer, trans youth, society isn't safe, home isn't always safe, shit - life isn't fucking safe.
This overwhelming demand to purge hardcore punk of its base aggression and create this "safe space" only comes (from my personal observations) from people who haven't been and never will be at risk for abuse just for being alive. It's always these kids who have the life I would sacrifice my left arm for: they got the money, they got parents who accept them, they got the privilege of being anything other than the kind of people that society is seeking to eradicate on a daily basis.
Their whole lives have been undeniably safe.

They find hardcore, a place that has been forged by and welcomes the poor, marginalized, angry kids with something to say yell and fight about, and they pretend to relate. 
They pretend to know what it's like to be so deeply enraged until they just give up and start crying for "safe spaces" because they can't hack pretending to be maladjusted. 
They can't truly understand why we need to be aggressive.
 Can't understand that in confronting each other, we confront ourselves and that every aggressive act is a step away from drugs, jail, or the noose.

Now, when I say "safe space" I mean in terms of bodily harm and mental anxiety brought on by the idea that maybe someone wants to kill you because you were born a certain way. 
Not that someone might call you out for being a piece of shit. 
There is a mind blowing difference between being anti-bigotry/pro-human rights and not understanding how real life works. 
Some of y'all just won't ever understand due to that comfortable life you come from.

I know that not everyone receives the same warm treatment I do in hardcore, that isn't what I'm talking about though. 
We shouldn't have to create a "safe space" where everyone pretends to like each other and like we aren't aggressive people in order to accomplish the goals we all basically share.
None of us want rapists, abusers, pedophiles, racists, homophobes, transphobes, or any "ism" in hardcore (except Schism). 
But we don't need to get everyone to change who they are as people in order to accomplish that.
We don't need to hold hands and sing kumbaya when problems arise.
Y'all need to let everyone who has the spine to make things better make them better.
Since when has anything been changed by sitting around and chatting calmly?
I'll wait.

Aggression is a necessary part of hardcore punk, whether you agree or not. 
However, people who don't think hardcore should be aggressive often confuse those who think it should be with the same people who abide the bigots and abusers and cause unnecessary violence when those are two very different groups of people.

If we stop fighting over how hardcore should be when it comes to actions at shows we can band together to get every single piece of shit out of our scene so we can be safe and free to be as aggressive (or soft if that's your thing) as we want with no repercussions other than saying "sorry" to your newest blood-based friend.

[Editor's note: if you do not understand the differences between "aggressive" and "violent" please Google those terms.
Also if you do not understand that in a setting such as a hardcore show that violence is ingrained into that via moshing as a release for those feelings and that the author is not trying to promote that "bring the violence back" bullshit old heads are always yelling about, feel free to email me at SHATTY@LIFEOFDELINQUENCY.US for expansion and clarification.]