Detroit’s finest  released their debut album Map of The Heavens last year.

It’s been five long years since they released their demo in 2010 and even though this release is only six tracks long, it doesn’t leave anything to be desired. 
It does leave you wanting more, though. But it’s B&D, when don’t you wanna listen to them on repeat?

The intro to Map of The Heavens is the closest my heathen ass will ever get to knowing what Heaven sounds like. 
That slides right into my favorite track on the album: “All Hail the Dopeman” which a true banger.

Now, we need to discuss features. This album has three of them and my God, are they perfect and earth-shattering. 
On “All Hail the Dopeman” both Ben Cook (No Warning) and Scott Vogel (Buried Alive) are featured. According to Jurysta (B&D drummer) it was kind of a happy accident/scary coincidence that it happened. Fate was smiling on Build and Destroy on one of the days they were recording and Ben and Scott just happened to be around. 
The third feature is arguably the best on the record. Jason Tarpey (Iron Age) is featured on “Map of The Heavens” which sends this record to an entirely new level and lit up some conspiracy theories in me about Iron Age making a return and ending hardcore as we know it but I digress.

Map of The Heavens is the best hardcore album to come out last year. There’s no contest about it. 
The instrument work alone killed all their competition. We waited five years on this album for a reason. 
As far as drummers go, Mike Jurysta is a God among men. The guitar work on this album is unreal and Haroun’s vocal style is so different from the demo but it’s a perfect fit for this album. It all works together to be the perfect album.