Blind Justice is a badass band from the Jersey Shore. 
These dudes just released a new album on Mass Movement Records called UNDERTOW and it is to hardcore what rain is to the desert.

At just under 20 minutes, this album is a giant “fuck you” to everybody making 90’s-style metalcore just because it's "popular" right now. This album is proof that you don’t have to jock a style that’s been done to have a great sound in 2016. 

The guitar work on this album is really cool. 
There’s tight ass riffs, the bass lines are delicious, and even a couple guitar solos for you super technical people who are into that and the drum parts are awesome. Instrumentally, UNDERTOW is a perfect example of what fast-paced, gritty punk should sound like. 

I want to classify this as “skate punk” due to the sound and lyrical themes (there’s a joint on this called “Skate Rats” I mean c’mon) but I would hate to box this in like that. There’s an obvious Down To Nothing influence here though and I am loving it.

With eleven tracks to pick from and each one being better than the last it’s hard for me to pick out a favorite track from this.  I’ll kick myself for this later but right now I’m going to give the trophy to “Problem Child.” Honorable mention to “Intro” though, mainly for being in the middle of the LP.

Pick it up if you can, or just listen to it on Bandcamp.