Singer of Protester, guitar player in Line of Sight,
drummer for Red Death, and all around good guy.

(Photo by Kiabad Meza)

So Line of Sight came out of nowhere. Has it been on the back burner between your other bands or what?

Sorta... Literally the day I moved up to DC, Dan (our bassist) and I talked about doing a "Youth Crew" style band using some songs he had written.
For one reason or another we never really got around to it until earlier this summer when we got together with Robin and pieced together the demo.
We really wanted Austin to sing cause he hadn't been a front-man since his the days of his old band Front Line. Luckily he dug the songs and joined the band to finally complete the lineup 3 years in the making haha.

That's so tight. You've lived in DC for a while now right? What's the scene there like?

Yeah I've lived in DC for about three years now. I really like it up here.
DC is a badass city with a ton of cool shit to do and lots of great food.
The scene has it's ups and downs but I can't complain. Lately show attendance has been good and there are some great new bands like Kombat starting up that I'm real excited about so that's cool.

True, I mean you live in a city that's always been a hotbed for hardcore so it's got to be sick.
Speaking of food, what's your favorite thing to eat on tour?

Always the hardest question to answer haha.
Can't name you just one favorite but I gotta shoutout Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City, La Reyna in LA, Pappy's in St Louis, Bread Brothers in NYC, and my favorite recent discovery was Albert's Jamaican in Toronto. Food is sick.

Yo, Jamaican food is so tight. I respect your style.
So, how do you feel about hardcore in 2015?
I think even though this year was kind of weak for individual releases, Hardcore in 2015 is stronger than its been since I started going to shows.
You got mad cool bands playing a ton of different styles which really appeals to me since I like a little bit of everything.
Turnstile, Pure Disgust, Ajax, Blazing Eye, and Forced Order were the bands that I really think went hard in 2015. 2016 is gonna be even better, I can feel it.

So, what's next for Line of Sight?

Right now we're working on a 7" that should be out sometime in 2016. Hopefully we'll get around to doing some touring next year too!

Okay, you got any shout outs?
Shout out to Pure Disgust, Stand Off, Give, Kombat, and Ilsa for making badass music in the city I love.

Shout out to DC hardcore, Boston hardcore, UK Hardcore, SoCal Hardcore, and all the other badass scenes all over the world.
Thanks for the interview!