JESUS PIECE is the new blood out of Philadelphia.
They dropped one track - ONE TRACK - and had the internet inflamed with love for them.
They recently finished their Self Titled EP which has five tracks and all of them are fuel for a homicidal rage.

Some say the slow chug is played out. These people are also cowards.
The sheer weight of the bass coupled with the riffs from the guitar god Dave Updike himself is enough to lead anyone into a mental break. 
This is beatdown done as a science.
Jesus Piece clearly did their homework. Nothing about this EP is amateur at all.

The lyrics are exactly what you'd imagine on a beatdown record:
curt with enough clout to make the devil cry. 
Example: on Sinking the word "sinking" is just repeated until the song ends.
I'll never know why that's one of the most mosh-inducing things a band can have in its arsenal but Jesus Piece put it to good use. 

I don't know what to say about Jesus Piece other than "Damn, that shit is bumping."
They're opening on Life & Death in New Jersey so if you are in the tri-state area go see them.