CRIMEWAVE 5150 is a rap duo from Long Beach, California - the east side.
Comprised of Dez Yusuf (@BlkRyanGosling) and JSNMSK (@JSNMSK), this isn't just another couple of Twitter rappers.

For everyone on the east coast who may not know exactly how the west gets down, 
the video above is from an ongoing event called "GROWNASSPIZZAPARTY" put on by the duo and Fast Ronald.
Grown Ass Pizza Party is...
A house party/show/open bar trouble making extravaganza/showcase for new artists.
All topped off with free pizza. 

Now, on to the music.
If you've ever been hungry, been owed money, been dirty – you'll fuck with this heavy.
If you've ever finessed anything in your life, if you've ever hit a lick in your life – you'll fuck with this heavy.
Crimewave 5150 is genuine, realist, hood nigga music. Now that's not to say you have to relate to vibe.
The beats are dope and are mostly self-made by Yusuf himself.
If you're one of those weird "hip hop purist" fuck boys even you will back this because it's raw.
This music makes me wish I had dreads. This is classic California style: story telling on top of a beat.
"Hate a nigga that be banging for aesthetic/Know a couple niggas paint you it'll take 'em little effort/Bitches giving info couldn't find up on the Reddit" 
Okay listen, I don't want to turn this into a Real Nigga Review because I'm not reviewing an album but those lyrics are so damn good. 
My favorite lyrics by this act. Truly reflective of the state of rap culture in 2015.
Besides, how many rappers you know could reference Reddit and still sound like they would put hands on you without notice?
Crimewave 5150 blends new age sounds with old school rawness and catchy hooks to give you bangers.

To my knowledge they don't have a full album out yet but they got better singles than Kraft so don't sleep.