COMMON IGNORANCE is a four piece hardcore-turned-punk band from Houston, Texas.

They put out their demo in early 2013, it's fast and to the point. Their latest release, No Signal, is reminiscent of early wave Japanese punk bands with the groovy
riffs and bass tones used on the EP. 

Their singer, Jenn, has a super unique singing voice. Very Joan Jett if you ask me.
I showed Common Ignorance to my friend who is a giant anime nerd and he said they should've been on the Fooly Cooly soundtrack. "They sound like video game music or something you'd hear in Scott Pilgrim. It's refreshing honestly." Most bands these days are focused on sounding "hard" or putting out "assbeaters" and that's cool but for once a band has focused on creating a signature sound and producing music that is actually good no matter what genres you usually listen to. My mom loves R&B but she rocks with Common Ignorance since I've had them on repeat lately.

My favorite song on No Signal is Don't Know with Shame being a close second. The voicemail ending on Shame is so cool to me so maybe it's a tie. 

So, if you like punk and also want a soundtrack to make you feel like every mundane task is like defeating your crush's seven evil exes listen to Common Ignorance.