Age: 28
Location: Lives in California, is from Texas
Occupation: No Answer/Kush God

Fast Ronald (@FastRonaldTX) is an artist and a Renaissance man.
From blazing copious amounts of legal kush to #staringindamirror to being able to quote himself on twitter (damn the character limit), Fast Ronald does it all.
I was lucky enough to catch him between weed naps to get an interview with the young God himself.

What are your thoughts on the state of the rap game?
 I feel that hip hop in general hit a wall around 2008-2009. I didn't feel like anything "new" or even good was really coming out, not in quantity at least.
But I feel now, with the growth of social media and new forms of it popping up, more people have a platform to be creative, which in turn allows artists who may have never been heard to have a chance to showcase.
So I feel rap has reverted back to individualism, versus ereone trying to look and sound the same.
I feel like you have so many artists right now with so many different styles are all making great music.
I hadn't seen that since the 90s.

So, how do you separate yourself from other artists?
Shit, I'm not sure if I really do.
I guess if anything I'm a fan of music in general, and not just hip hop. So I don't dress "hip hop" or really partake in the generic things most artists do.
I feel like if you only listen to hip hop or rap then you can never venture out past that.
But, if you're a true artist then you can appreciate the talent in any form of music and draw from it.
So if anything I would say the fact that I view myself as an artist and not a rapper is what separates me the most.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

 My own personal life and just observation on the lives of people around me.

Is there anyone you want to work with in the future?
Artist or producer or both?

 I would like to work with Starlito from Memphis, that's my favorite artist and has been for some time now.
And I would like to work with Static Selektah.

What's your favorite song?

Ever and currently.
Ain't It Fun - Dead Boys for "ever."
But Fat Trel - She Fell In Love is still my jam from last year.

Any shout outs you'd like to give oh Kushy One?
Jah and my producers DJ BurnOne and CyFyre and 2Stacks.

Fast Ronald has a Soundcloud where you can listen to his music. 
My personal favorites are "Everything Nasty" and "Friend or Foe" 
He also has a YouTube and a Twitter