Last Wednesday I got a text at midnight saying "pack your shit, we're going to Philly." So I packed my shit and got in a car with three girls and rode to the City of Brotherly Love. We went up there for the social event of the season: This Is Hardcore.

Now what can I say about this fest that hasn't already been said about Mike Tyson? "It's a heavy hitter and worth every penny."  It's a pretty pricey fest if you don't have a hookup or don't know how to finesse. But that $100+ four day pass is well worth it. The TIHC Staff puts their sweat, tears, and blood into this weekend every year to make it fun for asshole kids like me and my friends.

Too hot for overalls? I don't compromise my style for the weather
I got to stay at a cool studio apartment with 4-5 other people depending on what night it was. The place was sick and had a little balcony which is what you're looking at in that picture. The only true downside to 927 Pine was I had to walk up and down four flights of stairs every day. After walking around at a fest that the last thing I ever wanted to fucking do, yknow? 

So we did some tourist shit, of course. We went to Love Park Friday morning and took pictures and then headed to the fest. It seems like this fest centered around Love Park cause except for one party at Danielle's house we ended up hanging out at Love Park at night like fifty deep.

I never leave Philly without going to Pat's
So Sunday night after the fest was officially over we ducked back to the apartment and chilled. We just talked about the best sets of the weekend (Jesus Piece, Power Trip, and Sand),
who we met, our individual fest experiences, y'know typical shit. Then we left for Pat's which was like ten minutes from our place. Seriously, best fuckin' steaks. If you go to Geno's in Philly and not Pat's you are a cop. So I stuffed my face and then we headed to Love Park one last time. We walked up just as a bunch of my friends were taking a group photo. Anyway, those last few hours at Love Park were really surreal. You're never really aware of the best moments of your life until after they're past you, but just looking around at how smiley everyone was... that was magic.  Also maybe the magic of finally knowing most of the people in one place was getting to me. Being able to float from person to person and have a real conversation with them is insane. Long distance friendships are sad but also tight as hell because even you travel alone you end up together with those people again and it's nothing but true love. Anyway I'm getting sappy. My ankles are 200% destroyed so I'm gonna go soak my feet. Thanks for the amazing week everyone.