CRIMEWAVE 5150 is a rap duo from Long Beach, California - the east side.
Comprised of Dez Yusuf (@BlkRyanGosling) and JSNMSK (@JSNMSK), this isn't just another couple of Twitter rappers.

For everyone on the east coast who may not know exactly how the west gets down, 
the video above is from an ongoing event called "GROWNASSPIZZAPARTY" put on by the duo and Fast Ronald.
Grown Ass Pizza Party is...
A house party/show/open bar trouble making extravaganza/showcase for new artists.
All topped off with free pizza. 

Now, on to the music.
If you've ever been hungry, been owed money, been dirty – you'll fuck with this heavy.
If you've ever finessed anything in your life, if you've ever hit a lick in your life – you'll fuck with this heavy.
Crimewave 5150 is genuine, realist, hood nigga music. Now that's not to say you have to relate to vibe.
The beats are dope and are mostly self-made by Yusuf himself.
If you're one of those weird "hip hop purist" fuck boys even you will back this because it's raw.
This music makes me wish I had dreads. This is classic California style: story telling on top of a beat.
"Hate a nigga that be banging for aesthetic/Know a couple niggas paint you it'll take 'em little effort/Bitches giving info couldn't find up on the Reddit" 
Okay listen, I don't want to turn this into a Real Nigga Review because I'm not reviewing an album but those lyrics are so damn good. 
My favorite lyrics by this act. Truly reflective of the state of rap culture in 2015.
Besides, how many rappers you know could reference Reddit and still sound like they would put hands on you without notice?
Crimewave 5150 blends new age sounds with old school rawness and catchy hooks to give you bangers.

To my knowledge they don't have a full album out yet but they got better singles than Kraft so don't sleep.




Age: 28
Location: Lives in California, is from Texas
Occupation: No Answer/Kush God

Fast Ronald (@FastRonaldTX) is an artist and a Renaissance man.
From blazing copious amounts of legal kush to #staringindamirror to being able to quote himself on twitter (damn the character limit), Fast Ronald does it all.
I was lucky enough to catch him between weed naps to get an interview with the young God himself.

What are your thoughts on the state of the rap game?
 I feel that hip hop in general hit a wall around 2008-2009. I didn't feel like anything "new" or even good was really coming out, not in quantity at least.
But I feel now, with the growth of social media and new forms of it popping up, more people have a platform to be creative, which in turn allows artists who may have never been heard to have a chance to showcase.
So I feel rap has reverted back to individualism, versus ereone trying to look and sound the same.
I feel like you have so many artists right now with so many different styles are all making great music.
I hadn't seen that since the 90s.

So, how do you separate yourself from other artists?
Shit, I'm not sure if I really do.
I guess if anything I'm a fan of music in general, and not just hip hop. So I don't dress "hip hop" or really partake in the generic things most artists do.
I feel like if you only listen to hip hop or rap then you can never venture out past that.
But, if you're a true artist then you can appreciate the talent in any form of music and draw from it.
So if anything I would say the fact that I view myself as an artist and not a rapper is what separates me the most.

Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

 My own personal life and just observation on the lives of people around me.

Is there anyone you want to work with in the future?
Artist or producer or both?

 I would like to work with Starlito from Memphis, that's my favorite artist and has been for some time now.
And I would like to work with Static Selektah.

What's your favorite song?

Ever and currently.
Ain't It Fun - Dead Boys for "ever."
But Fat Trel - She Fell In Love is still my jam from last year.

Any shout outs you'd like to give oh Kushy One?
Jah and my producers DJ BurnOne and CyFyre and 2Stacks.

Fast Ronald has a Soundcloud where you can listen to his music. 
My personal favorites are "Everything Nasty" and "Friend or Foe" 
He also has a YouTube and a Twitter




JESUS PIECE is the new blood out of Philadelphia.
They dropped one track - ONE TRACK - and had the internet inflamed with love for them.
They recently finished their Self Titled EP which has five tracks and all of them are fuel for a homicidal rage.

Some say the slow chug is played out. These people are also cowards.
The sheer weight of the bass coupled with the riffs from the guitar god Dave Updike himself is enough to lead anyone into a mental break. 
This is beatdown done as a science.
Jesus Piece clearly did their homework. Nothing about this EP is amateur at all.

The lyrics are exactly what you'd imagine on a beatdown record:
curt with enough clout to make the devil cry. 
Example: on Sinking the word "sinking" is just repeated until the song ends.
I'll never know why that's one of the most mosh-inducing things a band can have in its arsenal but Jesus Piece put it to good use. 

I don't know what to say about Jesus Piece other than "Damn, that shit is bumping."
They're opening on Life & Death in New Jersey so if you are in the tri-state area go see them.



COMMON IGNORANCE is a four piece hardcore-turned-punk band from Houston, Texas.

They put out their demo in early 2013, it's fast and to the point. Their latest release, No Signal, is reminiscent of early wave Japanese punk bands with the groovy
riffs and bass tones used on the EP. 

Their singer, Jenn, has a super unique singing voice. Very Joan Jett if you ask me.
I showed Common Ignorance to my friend who is a giant anime nerd and he said they should've been on the Fooly Cooly soundtrack. "They sound like video game music or something you'd hear in Scott Pilgrim. It's refreshing honestly." Most bands these days are focused on sounding "hard" or putting out "assbeaters" and that's cool but for once a band has focused on creating a signature sound and producing music that is actually good no matter what genres you usually listen to. My mom loves R&B but she rocks with Common Ignorance since I've had them on repeat lately.

My favorite song on No Signal is Don't Know with Shame being a close second. The voicemail ending on Shame is so cool to me so maybe it's a tie. 

So, if you like punk and also want a soundtrack to make you feel like every mundane task is like defeating your crush's seven evil exes listen to Common Ignorance.




 Last Wednesday I got a text at midnight saying "pack your shit, we're going to Philly." So I packed my shit and got in a car with three girls and rode to the City of Brotherly Love. We went up there for the social event of the season: This Is Hardcore.

Now what can I say about this fest that hasn't already been said about Mike Tyson? "It's a heavy hitter and worth every penny."  It's a pretty pricey fest if you don't have a hookup or don't know how to finesse. But that $100+ four day pass is well worth it. The TIHC Staff puts their sweat, tears, and blood into this weekend every year to make it fun for asshole kids like me and my friends.

Too hot for overalls? I don't compromise my style for the weather
I got to stay at a cool studio apartment with 4-5 other people depending on what night it was. The place was sick and had a little balcony which is what you're looking at in that picture. The only true downside to 927 Pine was I had to walk up and down four flights of stairs every day. After walking around at a fest that the last thing I ever wanted to fucking do, yknow? 

So we did some tourist shit, of course. We went to Love Park Friday morning and took pictures and then headed to the fest. It seems like this fest centered around Love Park cause except for one party at Danielle's house we ended up hanging out at Love Park at night like fifty deep.

I never leave Philly without going to Pat's
So Sunday night after the fest was officially over we ducked back to the apartment and chilled. We just talked about the best sets of the weekend (Jesus Piece, Power Trip, and Sand),
who we met, our individual fest experiences, y'know typical shit. Then we left for Pat's which was like ten minutes from our place. Seriously, best fuckin' steaks. If you go to Geno's in Philly and not Pat's you are a cop. So I stuffed my face and then we headed to Love Park one last time. We walked up just as a bunch of my friends were taking a group photo. Anyway, those last few hours at Love Park were really surreal. You're never really aware of the best moments of your life until after they're past you, but just looking around at how smiley everyone was... that was magic.  Also maybe the magic of finally knowing most of the people in one place was getting to me. Being able to float from person to person and have a real conversation with them is insane. Long distance friendships are sad but also tight as hell because even you travel alone you end up together with those people again and it's nothing but true love. Anyway I'm getting sappy. My ankles are 200% destroyed so I'm gonna go soak my feet. Thanks for the amazing week everyone.